4. Configuration parameter access

The access to each configuration parameter is done sequentially using a dot-separated entity string. This section explains with detail how to access the different configuration parameters.


Disclaimer: This section does not explain the meaning of each configuration parameter. Please, refer to Fast DDS documentation for a more in-depth understanding of the configuration parameters.

The main supported elements that can be configured using the CLI are:

Main element



DomainParticipant profile configuration.


DataReader profile configuration.


DataWriter profile configuration.


Topic profile configuration.


Transport descriptor configuration.


Intra-process delivery communication configuration.


Fast DDS log module configuration.


Dynamic types configuration.

4.1. Configuration parameter classification

Every configurable parameter can be classified using the following concepts:

  • Simple parameters: these parameters are final configurable elements. Access through the CLI is done by means of a dot-separated string until reaching the final element which is always a simple parameter.

  • Complex parameters: these parameters contain another configurable parameters. Consequently, complex parameters are not final and another subelement can be configured within them.

  • Parameter lists: some parameters allows for an undefined number of elements. These collections should be accessed by means of a given integer index between brackets to select the specific collection element. Both positive and negative indexes are allowed to access the collection from both ends. If no index is provided, the complete collection is selected (either to be printed or cleared, for instance). To push a new element into the collection, no index should be provided to the set command. Parameter lists can be simple or complex depending on the contained element.

  • Parameter maps: these parameters are a specific collection kind whose access is performed using a key instead of an integer index. Parameter maps can be simple or complex depending on the contained element.


The verb query can only be used with parameter lists or maps. Querying a non-collection parameter would result in an error being displayed.