2. Usage

eProsima Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager CLI general usage is:

fastddsqosprof <file> <verb> <element> [<value>]

After the executable, the first parameter expected is the name of the XML configuration file that is going to be read/modified. The <file> path can be provided both in an absolute or relative manner.

The CLI supported verbs are explained in the table below:




Remove configuration parameter from XML configuration file.


Compare two different configuration files.


Show CLI usage.


Print configuration parameter from XML configuration file.


Extract information related to parameter lists. This might be useful for automated scripts that leverages the CLI to automatically
generate the deployment configuration files.


Add a configuration parameter into the XML configuration file.


Validate given XML configuration file against Fast DDS XSD schema.

The next CLI argument, <element>, specifies the configuration parameter to be read/modified. The access to the specific configuration parameter is done following the structure explained in Configuration parameter access section. If the parameter is being set, the corresponding configuration value has to be passed to the CLI.


At any time, passing help (or the also supported flags --help and -h) as the last value in the CLI will provide the usage for the specific element/subelement which is being configured. For instance, the following command

fastddsqosprof file.xml set participant -h

will show the usage corresponding to the DomainParticipant profiles configuration. More information can be found in help verb.

The previous usage is the most common among the supported verbs. However, some of the verbs have a specific usage which is shown below.


Currently only set and help verbs are supported.

2.1. Compare usage


compare verb is not yet supported.

2.2. Query usage


query verb is not yet supported.

2.3. Validate usage


validate verb is not yet supported.