Version 0.1.0

This first release includes the following features:

Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager Library

  1. Library infrastructure.

  2. Implementation of several set functions:
    • DomainParticipant name.

    • DomainParticipant external locators (default and metatraffic): externality, address, and port.

    • DomainParticipant initial peers: address and port.

    • DomainParticipant lease duration and lease announcements.

    • DomainParticipant use of custom transports disabling builtin transports.

    • Reliability and Durability QoS for DataReader and DataWriter profiles.

    • Default profile attribute for DomainParticipant, DataReader and DataWriter.

    • Transport descriptor kind.

    • Transport descriptor whitelist interfaces.

Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager CLI

  • Support for the library features.

  • External locators example

Fast DDS QoS Profiles Manager Documentation